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Group Parties

Daycare and Preschool

Thunder Road of Sioux Falls is a great place for day care or preschool adventures. With so many fun activities, kids are sure to have an amazing day. We’ve created packages with activities perfect for these age groups and with pricing options that work for any budget.

Outdoor Packages and Indoor/Outdoor Packages

AttractionOutdoor Only #1Outdoor Only #2Indoor/Outdoor #3Indoor/Outdoor#4
TimeEstimated 1.5 HoursEstimated 1.5 HoursEstimated 1.5 Hours + ArcadeEstimated 2 Hours + Arcade
Mini-GolfOne 18 hole GameOne 18 hole GameOne 18 hole GameOne 18 hole Game
Water WarsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tilt-A-WhirlNo1 Ticket 1 Ticket1 Ticket
Laser TagNoNo1 Game 1 Game
Mini-BowlingNoNoNo1 Game
Arcade CreditsNoNoYes, 20 CreditsYes, 20 Credits
$7.00 plus sales tax$10.00 plus sales tax$13.00 plus sales tax$15 plus Sales Tax

Indoor Only Table

AttractionIndoor #1Indoor #2Indoor #3
Time1 Hour1.5 Hours1.5 Hours + Arcade
Laser TagYesYes Yes
Mini-Bowling NoYes Yes
Arcade CreditsNoNoYes, 20 Credits
$7.00 plus sales tax$10.00 plus sales tax$12.00 plus sales tax